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Bill and Rhonda Keast began establishing Ironbark Redclaw in 1997 after careers in the chemical industry. 

Now after nearly 20 years growing Redclaw we are retiring.  It has been a greatly fulfilling venture and adventure.  The industry has changed markedly in our time and we are leaving at a time when demand and prices are at levels we didn't dare to dream of when we started.

The recent development of the hatchery technology is in the process of dramatically changing the productivity of farms.  If the current nutrition research project provides results seen with similar industries then we are poised to see yet another major step forward in pond production.  For further information refer to the Crayfish Farmer's Association website (see Links) We are proud that we have been able to contribute in a small way to these exciting and successful projects.

Redclaw are an native Australian freshwater crayfish ideally suited to aquaculture and which are keenly sought after by chefs and devotees of fabulous food.

The farm currently has 43 ponds in operation; 35 of these are growout ponds approximately 50m x 20m in size, and 8 juvenile ponds are 25m x 10m in size.

A specifically constructed post harvest shed has sorting, holding, and packaging facilities. A large air-conditioned room within this shed is used for handling the Redclaw in hot weather.

All ponds are fully netted, fenced and are equipped with ample habitat. All ponds have pipework to allow them to drain into recycle dams from where all the water recycled back to the ponds. Highly effective aeration systems and extensive water reticulation make for efficient operation.

Ironbark Redclaw is situated at Wolvi, a small rural community about 25 km east of Gympie in Queensland, Australia (latitude 2608'49"S, longitude 15252'01"E). The farm is nestled under the brow of Wolvi Mountain in one of the more picturesque areas of the region.

The property was purchased expressly to construct a Redclaw farm. The reasons for choosing this site included:

 Close to the markets of the Sunshine Coast (1 hour), Brisbane (2 hours)
and the Gold Coast (3 hours).

 Close to Sunshine Coast domestic airport (1 hour) and Brisbane International Airport (2 hours).

 Good soil type - high clay content.

 Pristine rural area with minimal chance of chemical contamination.

 High rainfall area - average approximately 1400 mm/year and good runoff into the property.

 Suitable topography with cleared areas of slightly sloping ground.

 Close to the major regional centres of Gympie and the Sunshine Coast.

We have Redclaw available for sale all year round. Sizes range from juveniles (about 5 grams) through to larger crayfish for eating or for breeding. We sell all our stock from the farm live but have arrangements to sell processed product. (see Processed Product)

We supply Redclaw throughout Australia as well as overseas. Our live Redclaw have successfully reached many countries including Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Italy and the USA.

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